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Heart Rate Training Tips

2013 June 22
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by maroonsports

If you are someone who is interested in proper heart health, then you should definitely look into the heart rate training tips and tools at This is the best website to visit when you are interested in slowing down your heart rate over a long period of time. Most people realize that something is wrong with their health when they take a look at their resting heart rate for the first time. Whether you are at the doctor or some other place when you get the numbers on your heart rate for the first time, your actual heart rate can definitely be an eye opener from time to time.

Once you realize that you have a problem regarding your current resting heart rate, it is important to learn how to train your body to calm down over time. It can be difficult to relax when you resting heart rate is rather fast, and it is usually a good idea to make sure that you lower your resting heart rate if your heart is doing too much work when you are simply standing around somewhere. You can learn all about the different cardiovascular exercises that can help you when you get the right training manuals and tools on your side, but you should also make sure that you get some kind of heart rate monitor so you can track your progress. When you are able to track your resting heart rate over time, it becomes easier to reach your long term goals.

Time to prove it: Chicago – Wash U III, LIVE at 6 p.m. CT

2011 March 12
by Staff

Joann Torres lit up Greensboro on several open looks. Which Maroon will step up tonight? (Photo by Chicago SID Dave Hilbert)

Having already downed Wash U twice, for the first time in program history, Chicago now looks to make it official tonight. A Final Four berth in Bloomington, Ill., is at stake.

Despite some recent injuries that have struck the Bears, there’s no doubt they’ll be as competitive as ever on the neutral court. And the Maroons themselves have a rested lineup that will look to exploit several advantages.

It’s a can’t-miss matchup tonight at 6 p.m. CT on Go Maroons LIVE!

It’s Maroons madness: Chicago vs. Greensboro, 4 p.m. CT

2011 March 11
by Staff

Morgan Herrick contributed top-notch defense against Calvin. (Photo by Chicago SID Dave Hilbert)

Live audio (by phone or computer) available shortly before 4 p.m. CT today. Chicago marches on to take on Greensboro! NEXT.

Maroons march on: Chicago-Calvin LIVE at 5:45 p.m. CT

2011 March 5
by Staff

Meghan Herrick pours in 25 vs. Hanover. (Photo by Dave Hilbert, UC SID)

No matter how much yesterday’s NCAA tournament opener marked a new start and an all-new test for the Maroons, it was the same old Chicago women’s basketball team dominating with size, athleticism, defense and shooting.

Official recap is at the official athletics site. Meghan Herrick scored 19 of her 25 points in the first half and was the dominant two-way force she often is, including keeping Hanover to a one-gun offense. Morgan Herrick and Taylor Simpson added reliable work in the post.

Yesterday’s game was one of runs, though Chicago’s came first and their answers were always larger than Hanover’s. And both Calvin and Chicago were able to run out to big leads and rest their starters in the second half yesterday.

Join us once again on Go Maroons LIVE, starting at 5:45 p.m. CT. Links for computer and mobile devices at Go Maroons LIVE. (Unfortunately, we learned that the audio is well behind the host’s video-only feed.)

Go Maroons LIVE: Chicago-Hanover at 4 CT

2011 March 4
by Staff

o Maroons LIVE has you covered for tonight’s NCAA tournament first-round game. We’ve recently learned that Calvin is providing a video-only broadcast, so while we won’t be in sync with that feed, we will be able to provide exclusive audio.

You can listen by computer or smartphone. Listen links and other details are available by visiting the Go Maroons LIVE page.

Go Maroons LIVE returns for Chicago basketball’s NCAA tournament run!

2011 March 3
by Staff

The University of Chicago women’s basketball team’s incredible run has led to this: A UAA championship and an NCAA tournament berth. Starting Friday at 4 p.m. Central time, you won’t want to miss a moment.

Go Maroons LIVE will be providing audio for the team’s road tournament games, specifically targeted for Chicago listeners.

The host institution, Calvin, is providing a video stream for first and second round games. While we’re not sure how well the Chicago audio will sync up with Calvin’s video feed, our player does allow for listening by certain phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.) and also on slower connections. We’ll also make archived audio available to Chicago Maroons fans.

Our hope is to reach every last Chicago Maroons follower! Go Maroons LIVE

NCAA tournament broadcast update

2010 November 11
by Staff

Unfortunately, schedules preclude us from being able to make the trip to Iowa on Friday to announce the game between Chicago and Wartburg. We’ll be following along with the rest of you at

Should the Maroons advance to Saturday, we’ll be there, and we’ll be fired up. While we won’t blame you if you want to use the Loras video broadcast, we hope you’ll pair us up on audio (and that the lag times sync well enough to make it work).

Hope to hear from you via e-mail all weekend long— We’ll pick things back up on Saturday!

We’re LIVE! Video available on the Bears Sports Network

2010 November 6
by Staff

Check out

E-mail us at

Go Maroons LIVE hits Wash U: We’ll be live with video at noon

2010 November 6
by Staff

As previously announced, we’ve made the trip to St. Louis to broadcast one of our favorite rivalries of the year. For the women, it’s an opportunity for a tune-up after clinching the UAA. The men have the chance to play spoiler against one of the conference’s top title contenders and to send off a very technical senior class with a win.

Thanks to the Wash U athletic department, we are scheduled to broadcast on the Bears’ live video stream! We’re thrilled to wrap up the regular season on their high-quality broadcast. In case anyone needs to listen to audio only because of technical limitations, we hope to make that available as well.

Watch LIVE via Wash U

We are the champions: Chicago women’s soccer wins the UAA!

2010 October 31
by Staff

(Photo by UC SID Dave Hilbert.)